Imagination Works Miracles with the Law of Attraction

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Ever since I learned about the Law of Attraction, I've been practicing with it, working my imagination like a muscle.  As a result, I don't just apply creativity in my writing assignments. I apply creativity in my daily life. I've manifested mini miracles -- from health improvements, to raffle wins, to the recovery of lost property -- all through the Law of Attraction. 

I've also attracted 6 consecutive offers of employment when I needed them, which happens to be a great reminder.  Last week, I was informed that my full-time, non-fiction writing contract would not be renewed. The money runs out on Dec. 31, so I don't have much time to mope about my imminent job loss -- even if I wanted to.

There's an old adage that applies to the Law of Attraction:  "Creating a castle is as easy as creating a button."  So I set a goal of landing another long-term marketing / writing assignment before Thanksgiving. 

I've been consciously and deliberately applying the Law of Attraction ever since.

Why Poison Your Creativity with Doubt?

Thanks to my track record with the Law of Attraction, I'm able to maintain high self esteem and positive thinking in the face of my impending job loss. 

However, my optimism is making the other contract writers in the office uncomfortable.

Fearing a job loss of their own, the other writers are suspicious of my positive thinking. They're convinced that under all my cheery, "stiff upper lip" stuff, I secretly harbor suicidal tendencies. They think that self-pity is an unavoidable consequence of job loss.  They don't understand that positive thinking is more than "feeling good."  Positive thinking makes you magnetic to good things.  Positive thinking works. 

My co-workers expressed skepticism -- some even scoffed -- when I confided my successes with the Law of Attraction. These writers are so accustomed to blaming the world for their choices, that they don't recognize how anger and fear are attracting exactly what they don't want into their lives. 

Worse, these writers choose to perpetuate this self-defeating cycle by surrounding themselves with other people who worry, mope, and "talk trash" like they do.  Rather than harnessing the power of their incredible imaginations to create better writing jobs, they allow worry and doubt to poison their thinking.  They no longer recognize Opportunity because they're too busy doubting themselves.

I've learned to avoid these nay-sayers.  To attract a new marketing / writing income before Thanksgiving, I recognize that I must maintain the highest degree of self esteem and positive thinking. 

So while the other writers sit in the cafeteria, griping over lunch, I quietly retreat to my car and practice creative visualization.

Why Waste Your Imagination on Worry and Fear?

In my all-time favorite book, Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life, by Shakti Gawain,Shakti explains that thoughts are energy. She writes that because energy attracts "like" energy, "we always attract into our lives whatever we think about the most, believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest levels and/or imagine most vividly."

Ever hear the saying:  "You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought?"  Shakti Gawain writes that you must deliberately re-direct your thinking away from worry, doubt, fear and dread.  Otherwise, the Law of Attraction will "attract the very experiences, situations or people that (you) are seeking to avoid."

As writers, we’re constantly subjected to criticism that cuts our self esteem.  Everyone -- supervisors, competitors, long-lost relatives, unborn babies -- yes, everyone knows better than we how to make our writing fresher, bolder, brighter and stain-free.  (Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.)

Let's face it: no writer likes to take a self esteem hit.  Unfortunately, criticism is a reality of writing. So what do we do to repair our fragile self esteem so we can keep writing?

We stay laser-focused on our goals.  We avoid the disillusioned, frustrated, fearful, or jealous people who would puke all over our dreams.  We harness our phenomenal imaginations and use the power of our creative minds in our favor.  We practice creative visualization every day and the discipline of positive thinking every moment.

In the words of Melvin Chapman, "What great achievement has been performed by the one who told you it couldn't be done?"

Take a Quantum Leap in Your Thinking

Combining real-world action with creative visualization and positive thinking is important.  The Law of Attraction can only do so much for your writing career if you're refusing to invest the extra dollars in a writing course, if you're procrastinating about manuscript revisions, if you're delaying in writing the query letter, or if you're denying yourself the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with the literary agent who's standing behind you in the buffet line at a writers conference.

Donald Trump has been quoted as saying, "If you have to think, why not think big?"  While deliberately and consciously applying the Law of Attraction to create what you really want -- take a quantum leap. Go beyond what you think you can create in your writing career.

Use the Law of Attraction to achieve bestsellerdom, mind-boggling royalties, a blockbuster movie, even a command "book reading" before the President and First Lady. After all, why should you limit youself? Creating castles is much more fun than creating buttons.

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