Writing Resources for Children's Books and Young Adult Fiction

How to write books and become an authorWelcome fiction writers! You've landed on one of my writing resources pages. This one is dedicated to children's books and young adult fiction.

The writing resources that you'll find in the book list, below, are part of my personal library. Of course, gobs of other great writing resources have been published on writing children's books and young adult fiction. My plan is to continue to update this page as I become aware of more reads on these topics.

If you know of a must-read for writers of children's books or young adult fiction, please email me with your suggestions. I'll add your recommendations to our ever-growing list of writing resources.

In the meantime, if you're writing Young Adult Romance, I have great news! You can learn how to start a Romance novel here, and you can get private coaching for your Romance writing, here.

Thanks for your help!

~ Adrienne deWolfe

The Writer’s Guide to Crafting Stories for Children

By Nancy Lamb

Writing for Young Adults:

Writing & Selling Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry for Today’s Young Adult Readers

By Sherry Garland