Book Trailers: A Must-Have for Your Marketing Plan

Sample Book Trailers

Created for the "Lady Law & The Gunslinger" Series

Readers love book trailers! In this age of Netflix and Hulu, you simply can't market your book without a trailer. 

For more than 20 years, Adrienne deWolfe has worked as a professional marketer. She has capitalized on this knowledge to drive traffic to her blogs, build her social media accounts, and make her novels #1 bestsellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

You got into this business to WRITE,


Adrienne started creating book trailers with the release of her Lady Law & The Gunslinger Series. After colleagues deluged her with emails, asking for the contact at  "the company" that created her trailers, Adrienne started helping friends and students market their novels. Now she is offering her book-trailer services to a broader audience.

Adrienne would love to be a part of

your Dream Team for Success.

To discuss your marketing goals and objectives, contact her here.  Serious inquiries only, please.