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“Adrienne is impressive as a writing coach and motivational speaker because she opens minds and hearts at the same time. She takes you on a journey of discovery that inspires you.”

"Adrienne's workshop was outstanding. Her presentation was lively, informative, inspiring, and just plain fun. We'd love to have Adrienne back. She's one of the best."

Novel writing tips for genre fiction writers

“By the end of this workshop, Adrienne had everyone laughing, singing, and stomping their feet. Nobody wanted to clear the room for the next speaker!"

“Adrienne deWolfe did a fabulous presentation. It was difficult to pick a topic because she had such a wealth of them. While we just had her for a 90-minute session, I would highly recommend other writing groups consider an all-day workshop with this savvy author/teacher."

“As a motivational speaker, Adrienne really makes you believe you have the power to make your dreams come true."

Use Intuition and Imagination to Connect with the Writing Muse

“Your Living without Limits talk changed my life.  The exercises really work! They helped me find the courage to quit my full-time job and work for myself.”

“There's a difference between writing a story, and writing a story for a commercial audience. Very few authors make the transition to commercial viability. Adrienne is a gifted storyteller in her own right, and she has the ability to teach the craft to other authors. This is why we send authors to Adrienne (for coaching) when we see untapped potential."

Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 bestselling, award-winning author. If you need help writing fiction, or if you need a professional story critique, you can learn more about her mentorship program, here.

If you are a Romance writer, she has good news! She now offers online, on-demand courses just for you at WriteRomanceNovelsThat You can learn how to start a Romance novel here, and you can get private coaching for your Romance writing, here.

Adrienne deWolfe will enrich the experience of your audience. Her messages are uplifting. Her keen insights into what motivates people to succeed, combined with her humorous delivery style, make her a top-notch trainer.  Her inspirational keynote addresses have brought audiences to their feet around the country.

Now you can bring Adrienne "live" to your writing conference.   A fiction instructor who developed novel-writing curriculum for a Texas college in Austin, Adrienne is well-qualified to speak on any topic related to writing.  She can turn any topic from her courses, or her articles, into a workshop. She is also happy to help you design a program around any topic that you may not see listed on this website.

Unless noted as "Workshop only," the topics on this page can be reduced to 30-45 minute talks for associations or organizations that wish to feature a writing program during a live business meeting.   

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Living Without Limits (Keynote Presentation)

Do dreams only come true for other people? If you aren’t living the joyful, prosperous, healthy life that you desire, it’s high time you did! But you can’t be the architect of your dreams until you embrace one very simple and life-changing concept. In this inspiring program, Adrienne deWolfe will bust the myths that keep many of us stuck on the same old mental treadmill, dreaming of the “somedays” that never materialize. Your dreams can't wait! Live the life you've always imagined, starting today.  (Watch video description of Living Without Limits.)

Confessions of a Romance Novelist (Keynote Presentation)

Are those hunky guys on the book covers for real? Is it true that guys on Harley’s dig Romance novels? Which one of Texas's elected officials is a published Romance novelist? Why do psychologists say that women who read Romance novels have more satisfying love lives than the average American female? Enquiring minds want to know! Bestselling author Adrienne deWolfe is here to give you the inside scoop on a $1.36 billion industry that is run largely by women, for women. Thanks to more than 64 million (mostly college-educated) readers, romance novels make up more than 50% of all fiction titles published in the United States each year. If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I can write one of those books!” now’s your chance! Learn from a savvy writing professional how to get your great American romance published.

Focus on Chapter One:  Essentials that Sell Your Novel

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes; program length not available)

Chapter One is sometimes referred to as “The Egg,” because every character motivation and plot twist must logically evolve from this chapter.   In this workshop, focus on the essential elements of Chapter One:  the literary hook, setting, character introduction (view point)  character development (story and scene goals), plot (external conflicts), and pacing (suspense, humor, etc.)

Alternative Workshop:

So Close But No Sale:  Chapter One Critique 

(Recommended workshop length:  90 minutes or longer; program length not available)

Have you written a first chapter that will sell your book? Let's find out! Award-winning novelist, Adrienne deWolfe, is prepared to critique the first 15 pages of your book. The purpose of this exercise is to help you recognize (and incorporate) the essential elements of Chapter 1 — which is sometimes referred to as “The Egg,” because every character motivation and plot twist must logically evolve from this chapter. Adrienne will be evaluating each volunteer's chapter based on the strength of its literary hook, character development, sexual tension, plot, and pacing. During her talk, she will focus on Best Practices for Chapter 1 by showcasing elements from each volunteer’s submission (via Power Point). In addition to these live critiques, volunteers will each receive a mini, written critique of their submission.

14 Bestselling Storylines in the Romance Genre

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes)

Even though Romance novels have evolved to keep pace with prevailing social views about love, marriage, and sexuality, market research has shown publishers that certain themes remain perennial favorites. Do you know the 14 most beloved story archetypes in the genre?  How about the Romance genre’s 8 story taboos?  Improve your chances of getting your own Romance novel published by structuring a story plot that Romance readers are likely to buy.  Adrienne will reveal plenty of examples from published Romance novels and popular movies to jumpstart your creativity.

Put the Sizzle in Your Romance Novel: 

Writing Love Scenes

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes; program length not available)

How do you write a tender kiss? How do you describe heart-pounding seductions?   If you write a situation that turns off your target reading audience, book editors will reject your Romance novel.  In this workshop, learn the editorial guidelines for Sweet Romance, Sensual Romance, and Erotica (the steamiest sub-genre in Romance), and master the suspense technique known as sexual tension so you can write Romance novels that sell.

What Sign is Your Character? 

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes)

Looking for new inspiration to put some "zing" into your fiction folks? In this fun, hands-on workshop, put a fresh spin on character development. Adrienne deWolfe will introduce you to 5 archetypal, personality systems that will help you develop larger-than-life protagonists and the kinds of villains that your readers love to hate. Draw upon ancient teachings (such as astrology and numerology) and modern ones (behavior profiling) to create character names, backstory, value conflicts, goals, motivations and more!

7 Plotting Pitfalls that Guarantee “No Sale”

(Recommended workshop length: 60 to 90 minutes)

Book editors reject a large percentage of genre fiction manuscripts for two reasons:   either the conflict is so weak that it cannot support a full-length novel, or the story plot is contrived.  In this workshop, learn how to recognize – and eliminate – the seven story plotting pitfalls that could keep you from winning a book contract.

Bestseller’s Secret:

Turn Sidekicks into Heroes to Write Spin-Off Novels

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes)

Cash in on your sidekicks.  Learn how to write secondary characters that are so memorable, your readers will enthusiastically embrace them as protagonists for spin-off novels.  Adrienne deWolfe successfully turned four secondary characters into popular protagonists in two novel series.  After her Sidekicks became Heroes, they earned awards from both reviewers and readers.   In this workshop, discover how to plant the “seeds” that will evolve your Sidekicks into larger-than-life characters  -- without stealing the story away from your novel’s rightful Hero. 

Bestseller’s Secret:

How to Write Suspense for Any Type of Fiction

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes)

Suspense isn’t just for crime fiction!  The best writers know how to weave spine-tingling action and roller-coaster thrills into any type of read.  In this workshop, learn 13 best practices that mystery writers commonly employ to keep their readers on the edge of their seats, so that you can write toe-curling scenes in any type of fiction. 

Bestseller’s Secret:

How to Write Humor for Any Type of Fiction

(Recommended workshop length: 90 minutes)

Humor has a certain tension – or cadence – on the page.  Write too many words, and your punchline falls flat.  Write too few words, and you run the risk of confusing your reader.   In this workshop for novel writers, learn best practices for writing one-liners, situational humor, irony, funny dialogue, and other humor techniques that will have your readers chuckling at your characters and the predicaments you throw at them.

How to Write a Book Proposal that Sells

(Recommended workshop length:  2 hours; program length not available)  

The challenge of whittling down a 100,000 word manuscript to its bare-bones storyline is often the hardest task that any writer undertakes.  Even multi-published authors will tell you that they dread the moment when they must write their book’s synopsis.  Query letters can be even more daunting.  Fortunately, there are formulas for writing each of these sales tools.  This workshop will explore techniques for writing the query letter, the narrative synopsis, and the functional synopsis, as well as strategies for communicating with agents, editors, and other publishing professionals after the proposal has been mailed. 

Jumpstart Your Creativity 

(Recommended workshop length:  90 minutes or longer; program length not available) 

Need a gentle nudge to get the creative juices flowing?  Then come have fun in this experiential workshop.  Forget the note-taking, this workshop is about exploring ways for you to get out of your “analytical head” and into your creative center.   Meet your inner “artistic child” and rediscover the joy of being spontaneous, playful, and curious again.  Free your creative blocks by opening your eyes to a new “perception” about your gifts, your dreams, and the mind-traps that may be making you too stressed for success.  Workshop exercises are designed to stimulate your imagination, get your body moving, and help you tap into your muse -- that universal “wisdom” that writers have recognized, since the beginning of time, as the key to their inspiration.

Creative Fiction-Writing Blitz

(Recommended workshop length:  90 minutes or longer; program length not available)

In this fast-paced workshop, you’ll stretch your imagination and flex your writing muscles through stream-of-consciousness practice.  The emphasis of this workshop will be on fun writing exercises that help you explore fiction techniques that improve your creativity and your writing skills.  Participants will be asked to share portions of their assignments with the other workshop participants.

~ If you would like to limit the workshop to 90 minutes, choose 2 of the bulleted topics from the list below.  

~ If you would like a 2 to 2.5-hour workshop, choose 3 of the bulleted topics from the list below.

~ If you would like a 3-4 hour workshop, choose 4 of the bulleted topics from the list below.

    • Setting (evoking a vivid sense of place and time)
    • Characterization (inventing 3-dimensional people)
    • Plot (strategies for organizing and structure)
    • Point of View (selecting the best point of view for narration purposes)
    • Dialogue and Scene (handling dramatic action
    • Beginnings and Endings (options and techniques for opening and closing the book and its chapters)
    • Description and Word Choice (choosing effective details)
    • Voice (finding the narrative voice and creating the voices of characters)