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Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance Writers

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Welcome, fiction writers! On this page of writing resources for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance Writers, you’ll find research books that I’ve collected in my personal research library. 

Of course, there are many more writing resources for the Fantasy and Science Fiction markets.  My plan is to continue updating this page with new writing resources as I become aware of them. And I would appreciate your help!

If you know of writing resources that would be useful to Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Paranormal Romance writers, please email me. I’d love to know what books you find especially helpful – and I’m sure my readers would, too! 

In the meantime, if you're a Paranormal Romance writer, I have great news! You can learn how to start a Romance novel here, and you can get private coaching for your Romance writing, here.

Many thanks!

~ Adrienne deWolfe

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Worldbuilding (Science Fiction Writing)

By Stephen Gillette and Ben Bova

Thanks to T. Hoffman for this great recommendation!  In this book written for everyone who ISN'T a scientist, you'll get tips on how to build worlds -- heck, star systems too, if you're so inclined -- from "the atoms up." A great addition to your reference library.

The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference

By The Editors of Writer’s Digest Books

This book is a good general reference.  It provides a wide range of topics, including world cultures, costumes and armoring,  mythological creatures, the anatomy of a castle, and commerce, trade and law.  It gives you just enough information to provoke thought and inspire your Muse.  If you want in depth factual detail on the topics in this book -- for instance, Witchcraft -- you'll have to turn to another source.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Sourcebook: 

Where to Sell Your Manuscripts

By David H. Borcherding

This book is helpful when you're getting ready to sell your short story or book-length manuscript.  Lots of insights to help you plan a strategy for marketing your proposal in the current marketplace.  

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card is one of the masters of the genre.  In this short work, he explores everything from world creation, to story construction, to the business of writing.  A good general reference for fiction writers.

Time Travel

By Paul J. Nahin

Explores the scientific possibilities in terms that Science Fiction writers can use (and understand) without becoming astrophysicists.   Nahin's book can help you avoid any criticism that you've incorporated "bad science" in your Time Travel  novels, Space Operas, Military Sci Fic, etc. 

Aliens and Alien Societies: 

A Writer’s Guide to Creating Extraterrestrial Life-Forms

By Stanley Schmidt

This was an eye-opening book for me.   Just when you think you've created the perfect world, some social or cultural question rears its ugly head, throwing everything you've planned off track!  Fortunately, Schmidt covers all the bases to keep your world as "real" as possible.

Space Travel

By Ben Bova & Anthony R. Lewis

Another great resource for Science Fiction writers who'd like to get the technical details down cold without having to become an astrophysicist in the process.