Writing Resources for

Mystery Novels, Romantic Suspense, and Thrillers

Welcome fiction writers!  You’ve landed on one of my writing resources pages. This one is devoted to writers of Mystery novels, Romantic Suspense, and Thrillers. 

The vast majority of novel writing titles, below, have been recommended to me by published Mystery writers and Thriller writers.  You’ll  notice that quite a few of these writing resources are part of the “Write’s Guide” series or the “Howdunit” series – both of which are excellent resources, and transcend the Mystery and Thriller genres. (Writer’s Guide titles can also be found at Writing Resources for Historical Writers.)

My plan is to continue updating this page as I become aware of new writing resources for writers of Mystery novels and Thrillers.  If you have a writing resource or reference book in your personal library that you think is an absolute MUST READ for Mystery writers or Thriller writers, please email me.  I would love to share your suggestions with my readers.

In the meantime, if you're writing Romantic Suspense, I have great news! You can learn how to start a Romance novel here, and you can get private coaching for your Romance writing, here.

Thank you for your help!

~ Adrienne deWolfe

You Can Write a Mystery

By Gillian Roberts

How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries:

The Art and Adventure of Sleuthing through the Past

By Kathy Lynn Emerson

Howdunit:  How Crimes are Committed and Solved

Edited By John Boertlein

Amateur Detectives:

A Writer’s Guide to How Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases

By Elaine Raco Chase and Anne Wingate, Ph.D.

Deadly Doses: A Writers Guide to Poisons

By Serita Deborah Stevens, RN, BSN

Scene of the Crime: 

A Writer’s Guide to Crime Scene Investigation 

By Ann Wingate

Armed and Dangerous:

A Writer’s Guide to Weapons

By Michael Newton

Body Trauma:

A Writer’s Guide to Wounds and Injuries

By David W. Page, M.D.

Malicious Intent:

A Writer’s Guide to How Murderers, Robbers, Rapists, & Other Criminals Think

By Sean P. MacTire

Police Procedural:

A Writer’s Guide to the Police and How They Work

By Russell Bintliff

Cause of Death:

A Writer’s Guide to Death, Murder, and Forensic Medicine

By Keith D. Wilson, M.D.

Code Blue:

A Writer’s Guide to Hospitals, Including the ER, OR, and ICU

By Dr. Keith Wilson and Dr. David Page

Order in the Court:

A Writer’s Guide to the Legal System

By David S. Mullally

Making Crime Pay:

A Writer’s Guide to Criminal Law, Evidence, and Procedure

By Andrea Campbell