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Book Marketing On the Air: Podcast Tips for Fiction Writers (Part 2)

Book marketing is essential for fiction writers. In today's "Million Book Market," readers aren't likely to stumble across your novel on an e-retailer site. That's why successful fiction writers promote their work. Authors have a variety of promotional venues at their disposal. However, a talk show is often considered the Holy Grail of these venues. […]

How to Promote Your eBook with an Excerpt

What considerations should go into choosing a book excerpt for a blog tour or a post on social media? First and foremost, you must understand that an excerpt is a sales tool. If you keep that in mind, you’re already leagues ahead of most touring authors. If you’ve been following this blog, then you know […]

10 Tips to Make Your Cozy Mystery Sell

Want to keep your Cozy Mystery reader turning pages? Then read on! Today's guest columnist is Nancy J. Cohen, sleuth writer extraordinaire. Nancy is the author of the writer's guidebook, Writing the Cozy Mystery, and she comes bearing gifts!  Readers who comment on today's post will receive an ecopy of her mystery novel, Hanging By […]

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6 Reasons Why Judging a Novel-Writing Contest Helps Your Career

If you're writing commercial fiction, you can jumpstart your career by judging writing contests. Many aspiring authors already know the benefits of entering writing contests. These days, even the larger regional contests have celebrity judges.  Why would these professional book editors and literary agents take time from their busy careers to judge writing contests? Because […]

Writing Help for the Hostage Muse

As a book writing coach, I often get “True Confessions” emails from my students.  These messages – which are full of angst and guilt – start with, “I haven’t forgotten about my writing assignment…” then spew forth every conceivable excuse for ignoring that student’s HEART-FELT WRITING DREAM. (Sometimes I think my novel-writing students confuse me […]