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Miracles: They Really Do Happen!

Do you stop to recognize the miracles in your life? So many of us have been brainwashed to believe that the term, “miraculous,” can only be applied to giant earth-shaking events, like winning the lottery or discovering a cure for cancer.  But I’m talking about everyday miracles:  the hopes and dreams that quietly reappear when […]

Sexy Texas Ranger Hides a Secret

Researching Old West lawmen for my Wild Texas Nights series was a real hoot. I learned that Texas Rangers adhere to a VERY strict dress code: They can only wear white or gray cowboy hats. (That’s right. No black Stetsons for the good guys.) They MUST pin their badges over their hearts. (Many a Ranger’s […]

Money Superstitions: Gambling in the Old West

So you want to play poker, eh?  Well, you’d best check your pocket watch, pard.  Playing cards on a Friday night, before 6 pm, is bad luck in these parts! ‘Course, if you encounter a hunchback on the way to the casino, Lady Luck might overlook your faux pas – unless the hunchback is female.  Crossing […]

TEXAS WILDCAT: Dating Advice from a Spitfire

Note:  Still pining for a date for Valentine's Day?  No problem.  Sheep rancher Bailey McShane, the (aptly named) TEXAS WILDCAT from my Wild Texas Nights series of Historical Western Romances, is here to share her secrets for catching a mate!   Howdy, gals!  Bailey here. Now don’t you be moping around the homestead ‘cause some clueless […]

Diva to Detective: Secret Files of a Lady Pinkerton

Scribe’s Note:  Sadie Michelson is deep undercover, sending this transmission from her latest top-secret location. Per Agent Michelson’s instructions,  I have faithfully transcribed her 10 most memorable moments from her secret files – in the event that she fails to survive.  Be forewarned:  this transcript will self-destruct in 7 minutes . . . My childhood […]

Riding with the Devil in Texas: Crazy Road Trip

My Texas romance-writing friends congregate in packs: we’re kind of like Lone Star(buck) Wolves. One Saturday morning, while sucking down enough caffeine and sugar to make my eyes float, a Writer Pal asked, “So where are you going to set your next historical western?” I mumbled something about throwing a dart at a map and […]

Reincarnation: Did I REALLY Live in the Old West?

I’ve had some REALLY freaky experiences writing my Lady Law & The Gunslinger series, so I’ve decided to come out of the closet and “dish.” First, I should probably confess that I am wholly open to the idea of Reincarnation.  You may not be.  And that’s okay.  My experiences were still weird – like, Twilight […]

Bawdy Songs for a Sassy Siren

Schlock.  That’s what my high school English teacher called my best attempts at poetry when I was enrolled in his Creative Writing class. But the joke’s on Mr. Snooty, ‘cause nowadays, I’m a bestselling author, who writes bawdy rhymes for her latest heroine:  a wise-cracking, pistol-packing Pinkerton, who works undercover as a saloon singer. I […]