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Celebrating Magic & Miracles in my Writers Life #AmReading #RomanceNovel #99c

Do you stop to recognize the miracles in your life? So many of us have been brainwashed to believe that the term, “miraculous,” can only be applied to giant earth-shaking events, like winning the lottery or discovering a cure for cancer.  But I’m talking about everyday miracles:  the hopes and dreams that quietly reappear when […]


Funny Animal Sidekicks Steal Hearts #Humor #RomanceNovels #AmWriting #99c

Written By Prince Rael the Magnificent (Transcribed by Adrienne deWolfe, aka “Minion”) Greetings, Humans! It is I, Prince Rael the Magnificent, writing on a subject that is near and dear to every (self-respecting) reader’s heart:  why cats make the funniest sidekicks. Er . . . I mean, why animals make the funniest sidekicks. Frankly, I […]