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Rapping with #Ghosts: The Spiritual Telegraph #Paranormal #Romance #Halloween

Ever wonder if Ouija boards and Mediums really speak to spirits? While researching the séance scene in my #1 best-selling Romance novel, SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE (which is currently on sale!), I read about the Spiritual Telegraph, which was a popular way for Victorian Americans to contact their Dearly Departed during an intimate gathering of friends around a parlor table. […]

Writing Help for the Hostage Muse #writetip #writing #RaveReviewsBookClub #MFRWorg @AdriennedeWolfe

As a book writing coach, I often get “True Confessions” emails from my students.  These messages – which are full of angst and guilt – start with, “I haven’t forgotten about my writing assignment…” then spew forth every conceivable excuse for ignoring that student’s HEART-FELT WRITING DREAM. (Sometimes I think my novel-writing students confuse me […]


Story Critiques: Tips for Ending the Trash Talk #writing #writetip #WIP #amwriting #story

One of my favorite literary mottoes comes from Alexander Dumas’s The Three Musketeers:  “All for One, and One for All!”  I’ve often thought that any kind of critique – whether it be of a fiction manuscript or a friend’s hair cut – should be delivered from this rousing spirit of good will and helpfulness. Unfortunately, […]


Fiction Writing Blues: Why Editors Reject Novels #writing #fiction #romance #paranormal

Why do book editors reject novels?      As a book writing coach, I answer that question a lot when folks want to know how to polish their fiction-writing after a rejection.  As strange as it may seem, even good book writing gets rejected sometimes.  In the Western genre, for instance, the bottom fell out of the paperback […]