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How to Write Body Language for Fiction Characters

Okay.  Quiz time. You want to convey to your reader that your hero is angry.  What body language would you describe? He crosses his legs. He plants his fists on his hips. He strokes his beard. He chews his pen cap. He leans forward in his chair. You want to convey to your reader that […]

Rapping with #Ghosts: The Spiritual Telegraph #Paranormal #Romance #Halloween

Ever wonder if Ouija boards and Mediums really speak to spirits? While researching the séance scene in my #1 best-selling Romance novel, SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE (which is currently on sale!), I read about the Spiritual Telegraph, which was a popular way for Victorian Americans to contact their Dearly Departed during an intimate gathering of friends around a parlor table. […]

Writing Help for the Hostage Muse #writetip #writing #RaveReviewsBookClub #MFRWorg @AdriennedeWolfe

As a book writing coach, I often get “True Confessions” emails from my students.  These messages – which are full of angst and guilt – start with, “I haven’t forgotten about my writing assignment…” then spew forth every conceivable excuse for ignoring that student’s HEART-FELT WRITING DREAM. (Sometimes I think my novel-writing students confuse me […]


Story Critiques: Tips for Ending the Trash Talk #writing #writetip #WIP #amwriting #story

One of my favorite literary mottoes comes from Alexander Dumas’s The Three Musketeers:  “All for One, and One for All!”  I’ve often thought that any kind of critique – whether it be of a fiction manuscript or a friend’s hair cut – should be delivered from this rousing spirit of good will and helpfulness. Unfortunately, […]


Fiction Writing Blues: Why Editors Reject Novels #writing #fiction #romance #paranormal

Why do book editors reject novels?      As a book writing coach, I answer that question a lot when folks want to know how to polish their fiction-writing after a rejection.  As strange as it may seem, even good book writing gets rejected sometimes.  In the Western genre, for instance, the bottom fell out of the paperback […]