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The Writer Fail: When Writing Workshops Lead to Procrastination

The conversation went something like this: Aspiring Author:  I’ve signed up for another writing workshop.  Big name teacher.  Spent a lot of money.   I’m going to meet all these really cool best-selling authors.  Ya-dah. Ya-dah.   Me:  That’s great!  So.  How’s the novel coming? Aspiring Author:  Oh.  (clears throat) Well, I’ need to figure out how […]

What’s the Secret to Writing Bestselling Heroes?

Have you ever wondered how bestselling authors can get away with writing the same hero over and over again? I’m not talking about carrying an original character into a spin-off  novel or sequel (like Ian Fleming did with James Bond.) I’m talking about supplying the same archetypal persona for every protagonist ever written. (If you […]

Book Marketing: Effective Management of Street Team

New York Times bestselling author, Sabrina York, is back with the third installment in her 3-part series on Street Teams. Today's installment is about effective management: the down side to running your volunteer organization. If you like this featured series, make sure you don’t miss all our book marketing and promotion tips!  ~ Adrienne deWolfe   […]

Writing Tips: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Genre

Whether you want to make money writing Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, or some other genre, you'll find the writing tips in today's guest post invaluable!   Please help me welcome award-winning author, Lois Winston, whose heroine-sleuth was dubbed by Kirkus Reviews: "North Jersey's more mature answer to Stephanie Plum."  Lois is the author of the Anastasia […]