Writing Novels with the Law of Attraction Equals Success

Writing Novels That Sell with Adrienne deWolfe

Ever since the third grade, I wanted to become a published novelist. By the time I reached the age of 30, my passion for writing novels had grown so strong, that I was willing to ignore an IRS report that said the average writer earns 7 cents per hour.

Then I met a woman who told me, “Adrienne, you don’t have to struggle to write Romance novels for a living. But you do have to think differently if you want to succeed. Have you heard of the Universal Law of Attraction?”

That conversation changed my life.  My friend gave me a book titled, Creative Visualization, which had been written by Shakti Gawain 20 years before anyone had heard of Rhonda Byrne or The SecretSome 40 years before Shakti wrote Creative Visualization, a man named Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich. In 1910, Wallace Wattles expounded upon the benefits of creative visualization in his book, The Science of Growing Rich.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) and the secrets for consciously harnessing it have been described by sages of countless civilizations.  That’s why it boggles my mind that LOA isn’t better known. Few people recognize that what they focus their attention upon makes them magnetic.

To embrace a belief in LOA can be reassuring, if you’ve disciplined your mind to appreciate all that you have, and all the milestones that you’re achieving toward your goals. But a belief in LOA can be unsettling if your habit is to worry and complain. Why? Because the energy behind negative thoughts and negative associations is making you magnetic to the experiences that you would rather avoid!

I’ll never forget a conversation that I once had with Arnette Lamb, a New York Times bestselling Romance novelist. I was whining about my rejection letters from Romance editors. I told Arnette that editors kept writing complimentary things like, “You write well,” and then tacked on vague criticisms, like, “Something just isn’t right about this book. We’re going to pass.”

Arnette looked me in the eyes and asked, “Adrienne, who are you spending your time with?”

At that point, I’d never heard of LOA, but I had heard the aphorism, “Birds of a feather flock together” (which I now recognize as a pithy way of describing LOA.)  I admitted, “Unpublished authors.”

Arnette nodded. “That’s your problem. Start spending time with published authors.”

I didn’t necessarily believe that adding published friends to my circle was the missing ingredient to my success. But I did remember an interesting anecdote that I had heard in a workshop.

In that workshop, Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, described how he rose to become a millionaire in the publishing industry. He then admitted that no matter what he did in his business endeavors, he couldn’t achieve his dream of breaking the billionaire barrier.

Mark went on to describe a conversation with a new business acquaintance, a man who associated with billion-dollar achievers. That acquaintance gave Mark the kind of advice that Arnette had given to me: If you want to become a billionaire, starting spending time with billionaires.

Mark did . . . and the rest, as they say, is history.

As I started to accept the idea that I was magnetic, my initial reaction was despair. I had just moved from Houston, Texas (a hotbed of bestselling Romance authors) to live in Austin. I didn’t know any published Romance authors in my new home town. The Internet was virtually unknown, and email was a novelty – few people had addresses.

But I did have one thing in my favor: I was determined to become published. So I practiced my creative visualization exercises two or more times each day. I made treasure maps. I learned how to start a Romance novel. I stayed focused on my dream.

Within six weeks of chatting with Arnette – and totally out of the blue – I got a telephone call from a published Romance novelist, who lives in Austin. I had met Patricia Wynn once, nearly a year earlier, when our paths crossed at a Romance Writers of America (RWA) meeting. Pat explained that she was starting a new critique group, and she was looking for writers. Was I interested?

Within 18 months of joining Pat’s group, I abandoned the over-worked project that every Romance editor in New York had rejected, and I completed a new historical Romance manuscript. That manuscript, Texas Outlaw, was published by Bantam Books. Texas Outlaw went on to become a finalist for two Rita Awards sponsored by the published authors of RWA – a history-making event – and ranked #1 on Amazon three times. 

Did I work hard to improve my writing so I could achieve those successes?  Yes.  But I also learned how to work with the Universal Law of Attraction so I could attract allies and live my heart’s desire.

My advice to aspiring novelists is simple:  Don’t talk about writing novels.  Do it!  And include LOA in your daily routine. 

In the immortal words of Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, “No one thinks in your mind except you.”

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