About 25 years ago, I became determined to become a published Romance novelist – particularly in the Historical subgenre.  Ten years and a bazillion rejection letters later, I was introduced to the idea that I could work with the Universal Law of Attraction (LOA) to become a Deliberate Creator.  In other words, I could train my subconscious mind, like a muscle, so that my thoughts and feelings made me magnetic to my heart’s desire.

My first “experiment” in working with the Universal Law of Attraction incorporated Creative Visualization.  The result?  A debut novel with Bantam Books and national writing awards.  

As I progressed in my career, I kept visualizing my heart's desires, and "little miracles" kept happening.  

Why am I telling you this? Not to brag, but to inspire you!  Does Creative Visualization really work? Judge for yourself:  here are just a few of the career goals that I achieved by becoming a deliberate creator with the Universal Law of Attraction:  

1) A hardback print-run

2) Selection as a Doubleday Book of the Month

3) #1 Bestselling Titles on Amazon

So for those of you who roll your eyes, shake your head, and think, “Yeah. Right. Visualize your dreams, and they’ll come true.” I have a friendly little reminder for you: “What you believe, you achieve.”

The Bible said it. (Mark 11:23)

Abraham Lincoln said it.

Martin Luther King said it.

Phenomenally bestselling authors (including Rhonda Byrne, Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hanson, Peter McWilliams, Shakti Gawain, and Marianne Williams) have all said it.

So who are you going to believe?  Some quitter who would rather make excuses and blame others for not achieving success?

Or the amazing and inspirational people who are working with the Universal Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, and Treasure Mapping every day and are racking up miracles to report?

It’s up to you.

Creative Visualization, Law of AttractionBy the way: I’ve been quietly and deliberately visualizing a new career milestone, and guess what! That goal just came to pass!

My goal was to be invited by my publisher to write for an anthology in which bestselling authors were the contributors. I’m excited to announce that this new anthology has just been released!

Hot off the e-press, check out Tin-Stars and Troublemakers: 4 Complete Western Historical Romance Novels in One, featuring the works of bestselling authors Patricia Rice, Patricia Hagan, Sharon Ihle – and yours truly, Adrienne deWolfe.

My friends, it really IS possible to make your dreams come true! So what are you waiting for?

Start practicing with Creative Visualization and the Universal Law of Attraction TODAY, and be awed by the miracles that you “attract” into your life! (If you’re not sure where to start, then you’ll want to check out the bestselling books and videos, below.) ‘Til next time . . . keep the faith, and keep writing!

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