Tips for Authors: Electronic Autographs for eBooks

Want to give — and receive – electronic autographs for your favorite books?  Then you’ll adore the free web service, Authorgraph.

Gone are the days when an author’s autograph could only be obtained during a live book signing. Authorgraph lets an author send an electronic signature, plus a customized message and a cover illustration of the book, to any reader who requests that autograph through the website, Authorgraph.com.

The great thing about Authorgraph is that a reader doesn’t have to own a Kindle in order to view your autograph. In fact, readers can collect autographs from paperback authors, too!  

Authorgraph sends the signature as a PDF to a reader's electronic device of choice (Kindle, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.)  This means that readers have to request the autograph through Authorgraph — so you have to let your readers know when your author page goes live. This is the perfect excuse to connect with your readers and make them feel appreciated, so you can ultimately earn a living writing ebooks. In the meantime, Authorgraph will send you a daily email, alerting you when readers have requested your autograph.

Check it out!  Try this electronic "book signing" experiment:  go to my Authorgraph author page and request an Authorgraph of one of my e-books.  (You don’t have to buy a book to request an Authorgraph.) Through this dry run, you can see how the process works for your Kindle. 

Authors who need more tips and ideas can visit Authorgraph's FAQ page, where you can also sign up for the free Authorgraph service.

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