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Celebrating Magic & Miracles in my Writers Life

Do you stop to recognize the miracles in your life? So many of us have been brainwashed to believe that the term, “miraculous,” can only be applied to giant earth-shaking events, like winning the lottery or discovering a cure for cancer. …
Writing Novels That Sell with Adrienne deWolfe

Enliven Your Book Research: Interview Sources in the Field

When you do book research, hitting the trail to interview sources will open your eyes and inspire your writing much more than surfing the Internet. Yes, my friends, I can now say with authority that steers are much larger than they appear…
Writing Novels That Sell with Adrienne deWolfe

How to Pitch Book Cover Art and Titles to a Publisher

When you pitch book cover art and titles to a publisher, diplomacy will win you more concessions than obstinance. During the days when I was writing romance books for legacy publishers, I quickly discovered that actual, in-the-trenches…