Stung by Critics: Humorous Quotes from Famous Authors about Reviews

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Enjoy these humorous writing quotes from famous authors as they confide how they feel about literary critics in the video, below.

Assembling these quips about literary critics really put the whole book review process into perspective for me. When you consider the enormous talent of the writers who are represented in this video, some of whom have been loved by readers for many generations, you become poignantly aware that literary criticism is as old as writing itself.

And that a writer can't let criticism get under his skin.

Wit & Wisdom from Writers, Part II, features quotations by John Osborne, G.C. Lichtenberg, Henry David Thoreau, Joyce Carol Oates, Frank Moore Colby, Jules Renard, Joseph Conrad, Jean Kerr, Oscar Wilde, James Russell Lowe, Sir Thomas Beecham, John Steinbeck, and Tennessee Williams.

I hope you glean some helpful insights about coping with literary criticism as these famous authors talk about the writing life and their perceptions of negative reviews.