New Year’s Resolution: Best Way EVER to Bust Writer’s Block

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Need inspiration when the evil, blinking cursor has you befuddled, bamboozled or flat out brain-dead? 

You came to the right place!  As a writer, I feel imminently qualified to write to you about writing New Year Resolutions that will bust writer's block. (Secret Daily Word Challenge:  How many times can Adrienne include some form of “write,” in one sentence?  Score!!)

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again, when we look forward to all the potential of a brand new year.  

As a community service to my loyal blog readers, who are struggling to beat deadlines, bust writer's block, and exorcise the Procrastination Demon, I have decided to reveal how I overcome these insidious traps when my own brain is too muddled to write New Year Resolutions, blog posts, novels ~ you name it!    

You can find Adrienne deWolfe’s Secret, Patented Process for Busting Writer's Block on our sister website, Write Romance Novels That Sell. I created a FREE COURSE, that's designed to make you laugh and inspire your Inner Artist.

So when you DO have time to breathe again (sometime after Jan. 2,) be sure to enroll in 15 Ways to Put the Magic Back in Writing.

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