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Fiction Writing Blues: Why Book Editors Reject Manuscripts

Why do book editors reject manuscripts? As a fiction-writing coach, I'm asked that question a lot. Most authors are baffled by the vague correspondence that book editors send. For example: "Thank you for the opportunity to read (Title of…
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Career Killer: Sometimes Your First Book Shouldn’t Be Published

Sometimes your first book shouldn't be published. Long before I was writing novels that sell, my first published mentor took me under her wing.  After reading my manuscript for the first time, she sat me down in a public restaurant to teach…
Writing Novels That Sell with Adrienne deWolfe

How to Pitch Book Cover Art and Titles to a Publisher

When you pitch book cover art and titles to a publisher, diplomacy will win you more concessions than obstinance. During the days when I was writing romance books for legacy publishers, I quickly discovered that actual, in-the-trenches…
Writing Novels That Sell with Adrienne deWolfe

Help! My Printer Has a Poltergeist!

I think my printer is haunted. Now I'll admit, I'm not exactly tech savvy.  I just pretend to be because I write about API's, DPI's, FPI's, and other mind-numbing acronyms ending in "PI" for a high tech company.  My client, who has every…