20 Tips for Writing #Romance Heroines that Readers Can Admire #writetip #amwriting #wip

Readers buy Romance novels because they want to experience the vicarious thrill of falling in love — and usually with a man who is just a wee bit too dangerous to risk loving in real life.  Romance novels are fantasies, after all.  What woman wouldn’t secretly thrill to be wholeheartedly loved and desired by James […]

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Writers: Want to Beat the Competition? 10 Tips for Opening Your Novel #amwriting #wip #writetip

Thanks to iPhone downloads, ebooks are competing directly with movies as on-demand entertainment.  That means that the opening pages of your novel have to be more clever than ever if you want to sell your book. I just finished judging a commercial fiction contest for aspiring authors.  Without exception, the entries had the same problem. […]

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6 Reasons Why Judging a #NovelWriting Contest Helps Your Career #Writetip #amwriting

Are you writing commercial fiction? Then consider becoming a judge for a writing contest to help your career. Many aspiring authors already know the benefits of entering a writing contest. These days, even the larger regional contests have celebrity judges (a.k.a. literary agents and acquisitions editors.)  Why would these professionals take time from their busy […]

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Sexy Cowboy or Dangerous Outlaw? How will she know? Sneak Peek! #ValentinesDay #Romance #giveaway

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the fab authors of is sponsoring a blog hop full of goodies and sneak peeks of our most Romantic scenes! Don’t miss a single post for your chance to win the $100 Amazon Gift Card! (Learn how to win here.) You’ll find all the blog links to some GREAT […]

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How to Promote Your #eBook with an #Excerpt @AdriennedeWolfe #Writetip #bookmarketing #BlogTour

How to Promote Your eBook with an Excerpt: 6 Tips for Blog Tours and Social Media What considerations should go into choosing a book excerpt for a blog tour or a post on social media? First and foremost, an excerpt is a SALES TOOL. If you keep that in mind, you’re already leagues ahead of […]

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The Billion Character Book: A Newbie #Writing Fail @AdriennedeWolfe #writetip #WIP #amwriting

One day, after I became a bestselling author, I dragged out the first manuscript I’d ever finished. Secretly, I had always believed that novel was the most wonderful story in the world. In my not-so-humble opinion, every New York editor who’ d rejected it was a numbskull.  Yes, picture me, gloating in all my new-found […]

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#Christmas Love: #Free #Romance Novels @AdriennedeWolfe #ebookdeal #kindle #Texas #Western

Celebrating the Spirit of Friendship Gifts of Love for My Readers: #1 Bestselling Romance Anthology: PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS —  Free Download Today #1 Bestselling Western Romance: TEXAS OUTLAW — Free Download Today Dear Readers: Here are my holiday wishes for you… Happiness deep within.  Serenity with each sunrise.  Success in each facet of your life.  […]

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Another Reason Why Literary Agents Reject Novels @AdriennedeWolfe #Romance #Mystery #amwriting

“I’m writing a Mystery,” my writing student told me proudly. And I said, “Great!  Which sub-genre are you writing?” The student said, “Huh?” “You know.  Cozy, Caper, Police Procedural, Hard-boiled . . . “ My student blinked blankly at me.  She had no idea what a sub-genre was, nor did she know that the Mystery […]

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Muse, Write Me a Eureka Ending so I Can Finish This Novel! @AdriennedeWolfe #WIP #Writetip #Humor #Romance

I was in the throes of writing Devil in Texas, when my Muse went on vacation — for nine months, mind you.  Seriously.  What writer doesn’t know the ending of her novel for nine FREAKING MONTHS?! “God hates me,” I whined to my favorite mortal writing goddess (whom we’ll call Claire.)  “I don’t know the […]

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Girl Next Door Leaves TV to Write #Romance #Novels @BarbaraAnkrum #writetip #historical

If you’ve ever watched television, then you’ve probably seen Barbara Ankrum. Long before this #1 bestselling Romance author focused her attention on writing, she worked as an actress, appearing in dozens of commercials for Hertz, McDonald’s, and Michelob Beer, to name a few. But you’re most likely to remember Barbara from a national, Head & […]

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