Cyber Bullying: One Author’s Solution to Stop the Madness @TheWorldAmongUs #StopBullying #writetip #writing

Cyber Bullying:  One Author’s Solution to Stop the Madness By Beth Ann Kozlowski If you’re like me, then you probably have noticed the large amount of bullying happening lately.  I don’t know about you, but I find it very discouraging and disheartening. Don’t we, as a writing community have one goal in mind? To write, […]

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10 Tips to Make Your #Cozy #Mystery Sell @NancyJCohen #writetip #writing

Want to keep your Cozy Mystery reader turning pages? Then read on! Today’s guest columnist is Nancy J. Cohen, sleuth writer extraordinaire!   Nancy is the author of the writer’s guidebook, Writing the Cozy Mystery, and she comes bearing gifts!  Readers who comment on today’s post will receive an ecopy of her mystery novel, Hanging […]

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#Writing Will Never Be the Same after Helping Kids Read #Books #literacy #YALit #MGLit

Imagine struggling to learn to read, and some crazy writer keeps throwing a curve ball like “THE” onto the page.   (Go ahead.  Try to sound out “THE” using the rules of phonics.  I double-dare you. ) Or imagine yourself in elementary school, wanting to pound your head against the desk every time you trip over […]

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Author Reviews: Bane or Blessing?

Author Reviews:  Bane or Blessing? By Bill Ward Let’s face it Reviews are scary! Especially for a brand new author publishing his first book and full of doubt whether he is completely off his head expecting strangers to pay to read his book. (Yes that was me!) Every positive Review helps build confidence in your […]

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#Authors Wanted: Interviewing Writers for Reader eZine on #Writing #Romance #Fantasy #Suspense #YALit

What’s your bestseller’s secret?  Your writing tip?  Your sage advice to fiction writers who are trying to sell their novel and break into publishing? Inquiring minds want to know!  And if you contact me with your idea, I just might feature you in my new column, Bestseller’s Secret, for a popular eZine! That’s right:  I’m now […]

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Writing Help for the Hostage Muse #writetip #writing #RaveReviewsBookClub #MFRWorg @AdriennedeWolfe

As a book writing coach, I often get “True Confessions” emails from my students.  These messages – which are full of angst and guilt – start with, “I haven’t forgotten about my writing assignment…” then spew forth every conceivable excuse for ignoring that student’s HEART-FELT WRITING DREAM. (Sometimes I think my novel-writing students confuse me […]

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Writing a Fiction Series: Tips for Developing Spin-Offs and Sequels #writing #writetip #selfpub

Why do publishers consistently single me out to write fictional series rather than single title novels? Well, according to my Bantam editor (who was weeping when she told me never again to kill off a dog on her watch,) my “fiction folks” touch the hearts of readers. I’ll never forget the (now ancient) U.S. News […]

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Introduce Kids to Books that Celebrate ALL People #WeNeedDiverseBooks #writing #YALit #MGLit #Teen #fiction

Something HUGE is happening in the Literary World.  Have you seen it? Are you aware? A day ago, the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks started trending like a ROCKET on Twitter. Unfortunately, the vast majority of tweets seems to be coming from the United States.  But hey. The campaign is young. There’s still hope that other countries will […]

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Story Critiques: Tips for Ending the Trash Talk #writing #writetip #WIP #amwriting #story

One of my favorite literary mottoes comes from Alexander Dumas’s The Three Musketeers:  “All for One, and One for All!”  I’ve often thought that any kind of critique – whether it be of a fiction manuscript or a friend’s hair cut – should be delivered from this rousing spirit of good will and helpfulness. Unfortunately, […]

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The Rebel Rutter Rides Again in PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS @AdriennedeWolfe #romance #ebook #western

WARNING:  Pistols and Petticoats contains devilish hijinks, sassy ladies, smokin’ cowboys, dastardly outlaws, star-crossed lovers, runaway brides, and a rollicking slice of sexy!  See how the West was REALLY wooed in this hot new Historical Western Romance anthology by bestselling authors!   ome heroes capture an author’s heart.  They refuse to go away quietly after “The […]

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