Muse, Write Me a Eureka Ending so I Can Finish This Novel! @AdriennedeWolfe #WIP #Writetip #Humor #Romance

I was in the throes of writing Devil in Texas, when my Muse went on vacation — for nine months, mind you.  Seriously.  What writer doesn’t know the ending of her novel for nine FREAKING MONTHS?! “God hates me,” I whined to my favorite mortal writing goddess (whom we’ll call Claire.)  “I don’t know the […]

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Girl Next Door Leaves TV to Write #Romance #Novels @BarbaraAnkrum #writetip #historical

If you’ve ever watched television, then you’ve probably seen Barbara Ankrum. Long before this #1 bestselling Romance author focused her attention on writing, she worked as an actress, appearing in dozens of commercials for Hertz, McDonald’s, and Michelob Beer, to name a few. But you’re most likely to remember Barbara from a national, Head & […]

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Laugh Out Loud #Texas Style with Bestselling WILD TX NIGHTS #Free #ebookdeal #Romance #humor

Readers tell me all the time, “Your books make me laugh.” I consider that kudo high praise indeed! But the truth is, I don’t set out to be funny.  No one is more surprised — or delighted — than I am when a character blurts out something hilarious. For instance, in my bestselling Wild Texas […]

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Battle of Sexes: How 2 Write Real Men, Women #Romance #Sleuth #Writetip #WIP @AdriennedeWolfe

  Men and women do not think alike.  You, being either one or the other, already know this fact.  However, you may have trouble writing it.  When it comes to male / female psychology, it helps to think in terms of Alpha/Beta personality types.  However, your plot conflicts won’t be believable unless you keep your […]

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#Ghosts and Ouija Boards: The #Spiritual Telegraph #Paranormal #Romance #Halloween

In part-one of last week’s column about the Spiritual Telegraph, we learned that the Fox sisters, who lived in New York, were able to communicate with disembodied spooks through raps, finger snapping, and voice commands. In this post, which concludes the series, we learn how séances and Ouija boards became popular conduits for mediumship in the […]

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Rapping with #Ghosts: The Spiritual Telegraph #Paranormal #Romance #Halloween

Ever wonder if Ouija boards and Mediums really speak to spirits? While researching the séance scene in my #1 best-selling Romance novel, SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE (which is currently on sale!), I read about the Spiritual Telegraph, which was a popular way for Victorian Americans to contact their Dearly Departed during an intimate gathering of friends around a parlor table. […]

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Get Mention in eMag: #Free Promo 4 #Authors #Writetip #Romance #Mystery #Paranormal

  CALLING ALL AUTHORS:  I am writing a REBELS, RAKES & ROGUES article for the website of BTS eMag. Whenever I write columns for BTS, I like to spread the love and include as many quotes from published authors as I can. So here is your opportunity to reach 67K readers without spending a dime! […]

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Write #Villains: 10 Tips for #Writing Bad Guys Readers Luv 2 Hate @AdriennedeWolfe #writetip

Write a Villain: 10 Tips for Writing a Bad Guy Readers Love to Hate I love, love LOVE villains!  What could be more fun than booing Darth Vadar?  Throwing popcorn at Dracula?  Or covering your eyes when Leatherface revs up his chainsaw? The ultimate fiction experience – be it a book or a movie – […]

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Cyber Bullying: One Author’s Solution to Stop the Madness @TheWorldAmongUs #StopBullying #writetip #writing

Cyber Bullying:  One Author’s Solution to Stop the Madness By Beth Ann Kozlowski If you’re like me, then you probably have noticed the large amount of bullying happening lately.  I don’t know about you, but I find it very discouraging and disheartening. Don’t we, as a writing community have one goal in mind? To write, […]

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10 Tips to Make Your #Cozy #Mystery Sell @NancyJCohen #writetip #writing

Want to keep your Cozy Mystery reader turning pages? Then read on! Today’s guest columnist is Nancy J. Cohen, sleuth writer extraordinaire!   Nancy is the author of the writer’s guidebook, Writing the Cozy Mystery, and she comes bearing gifts!  Readers who comment on today’s post will receive an ecopy of her mystery novel, Hanging […]

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