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Sept. 15, 2013

Best-Selling Romance Author Donates Royalties to Urban Reforestation 

One tree produces approximately 1,000 paperback novels. A typical print run for a mid-list Romance is between 30 and 50 trees.  I think this comes as a shock to many people, who haven't thought about the effects of something potentially benign, like novels, on the environment.

~ Adrienne deWolfe, principal,

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Summary:  Bestselling Romance author, Adrienne deWolfe, who has written six novels for Bantam Books, Avon Books, and ePublishing Works, has pledged to personally plant trees and donate a percentage of the royalties from her new ebook series, Velvet Lies, to The Nature Conservancy.

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Purchase the Velvet Lies series to contribute to the author's tree-planting goal.

March 12, 2012

How to Write a Novel:  Best Practices / Series of Writing Tips for Fiction Writers Launches

Today on Twitter, a well-established literary agent was complaining that aspiring novelists are sending her individual chapters, rather than a full manuscript. If fiction writers were finding the professional advice that they needed on the Internet – rather than irrelevant ads and self-aggrandizing claims by wannabes  they wouldn’t be making such an amateur faux pas.

~ Adrienne deWolfe, principal,

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Summary:  A new weekly series, “How to Write a Novel,” debuted today on the blog of to educate fiction writers who’ve set their heart on book publication through a major publishing house.  Read How to Write a Novel:  Tip #1 (Debut of the Series) 


March 2, 2012

Help for Genre Fiction Writers: Learn How to Sell a Story Idea to Literary Agents & Book Editors

Think root canal, and you still haven’t captured the agony that fiction writers feel
at the prospect of pitching a book proposal during a writing conference or 
writing workshop. 
~ Adrienne deWolfe, principal,

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Summary:  Genre fiction writers who hope to be published in 2012 can get hands-on practice pitching their story ideas and polishing their book proposals for sale in these two online writing workshops sponsored by Writing Novels that Sell: