How to Write Wildly Popular Romances

by Adrienne deWolfe

Writing Novels That Sell

Featuring Descriptions of the 14 Bestselling Storylines in the Genre

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Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published

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Highlights and Table of Contents

Storylines that Sell: Even though Romance novels have evolved to keep pace with prevailing social views about love, marriage, and sexuality, market research has shown publishers that certain themes remain perennial favorites. Do you know the 14 most beloved story archetypes in the genre? Write one of these romantic themes, and you'll vastly improve your chances of getting your Romance novels published.

Storylines that Fail: The books that Romance readers buy today are determining the kinds of manuscripts that editors buy tomorrow. Do you know the eight story taboos that Romance readers don't want to read? Make the mistake of including one of these in your Romance novel, and a book editor is unlikely to buy your manuscript.

6 Plotting Pitfalls to Avoid: Knowledge of the Romance industry and the preferences of Romance readers will only get you so far. If you write an ending that fails to deliver what you promised in Chapter 1, then your Romance manuscript will be rejected by book editors. Learn to recognize the six plotting pitfalls that will make your publication dream go up in smoke.

Table of Contents

Relationship:  The Heart of a Romance Novel

What Exactly is a Romance Novel?

  • Category Romance Novels
  • Single Title Romance Novels
  • Romance Sub-Genres
  • How Does Romance Differ from Mainstream Fiction?
  • How Does Literary Fiction Differ from Romance Novels?
  • How Does Characterization Make a Difference?
  • Happy Endings Can Lead to Big Sales
  • Empress of the World Market
  • Romance is Easier to Sell
  • Great! But Where Do I Start?

Who Reads Romance Novels? 

  • Your Target Audience: Female, Well-Educated and Happily Married
  • Why Do Romance Novels Appeal to Women?
  • What Keeps Romance Readers Turning Pages?

What Do Romance Readers Want?

  • Give Your Readers Lovable Characters
  • The Hollywood Daze
  • Movie Plots as Classic Romance
  • Romantic Movies with a Twist

Avoid the 8 Taboo Plot Elements in Your Romance Novel

Plots that Sell Well in Romane Novels

  • Plot is Relationship
  • 14 Classic Storylines from Romance Novels & the Silver Screen
  • Creating Plot from Character & Setting

Plotting Pitfalls:  6 Reasons why Romance Manuscripts are Rejected

Review:  10 Questions to Consider When Plotting Your Romance

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