How to Write Sensual Love Scenes

by Adrienne deWolfe

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Putting Sizzle in Kiss and Love Scenes: Write a situation or language that turns off your target audience, and book editors will reject your Romance novel. Learn the editorial guidelines for Sweet Romance, Sensual Romance, and Erotica (the steamiest sub-genre in Romance).

Sexual Tension Keeps the Pages Turning:   How do you write a tender kiss? How do you write love scenes and heart-pounding seductions? If you plan to write Romance novels, you can't be squeamish about writing sexuality that moves readers emotionally. Master the suspense technique known as sexual tension, and you'll write Romance novels that sell.

The Bestseller's Secret for Writing Consummation Scenes: If you're writing Sensual or Erotic Romance, more than one consummation scene will be required by your editor. Learn a bestseller's secret for writing love scenes that keep Romance readers turning pages until the end of the book.

Table of Contents

Love & Romance:   The Most Popular Themes in Literature

Sexual Tension:  Putting Sizzle in Your Prose

Sexual Tension as a Form of Suspense

Characterization is Key

Viewpoint is Vital

Avoid Distracting Subplots

Stupid Characters: A Sure Bet for Losing Readers

Unbelievable Plots: Another Reader Turn-Off

Create Mood through Pacing

Hugging, Touching, Kissing:  Writing Love Scenes

Taboos in Genre Romance

Emotional Intimacy is Key

The Archetypal Female Fantasy

Forbidden Desire Keeps the Pages Turning

Children and Pets as Diversions

Safe Sex in Love Scenes

Writing through Your Five Senses

Euphemistic Prose

Dialogue in Consummation Scenes

Humor and Sex

The Bestseller’s Secret for Consummation Scenes

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