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Memorable Characters:

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If book editors are returning your genre fiction with comments like, "I'm just not smitten by Amanda," or "I really didn't believe that Nick would murder his boss," it's time to breathe fresh life into your characters.

Characterization is the heart of your story. If your hero, heroine, villain, and sidekick don't move readers emotionally, you aren't going to sell your book.  

In this online writing workshop for genre fiction writers, we'll review the three attributes that absolutely must be present for every major and secondary character in every scene.   We'll also examine where to "find" sidekicks for your protagonists and how to tie your major secondary characters to the subplots in your story.

Make your heroes, heroines, villains, and sidekicks memorable, and write a plot that will keep your readers glued to the edge of their seats.

About the Instructor: 

Adrienne deWolfe is a multi-published, award-winning  novelist and fiction instructor, who has developed novel-writing courses for a Texas college in Austin.  You can learn more about Adrienne's writing credentials in the "About Adrienne deWolfe" section of this website.

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