How to Write Romance Heroes with Sex Appeal

by Adrienne deWolfe

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How to Tell if You're Writing a Lover or Loser: Contemporary women want to read about men they can fall in love with. Every time a Romance reader buys a book, she indirectly casts her vote for her favorite hero. What kind of man keeps Romance readers sighing for more? The answers may surprise you, starting with the age-old debate over brains versus brawn.

Tips for Writing the Male Perspective: In fiction writing, the Male Voice is distinctly different than the Female Voice. If you want to write a sexy, lovable hero, he has to think like a man and sound like a man on the page. Learn how to write the male perspective for your Romance novels.

50 Ways to Give Your Hero Sex Appeal: So your Romance hero's good in bed? Big deal. Romance readers also want to know what kind of protector, provider, and partner this fictional man will be. To make your hero worthy of a happy ending, you need to give him a personality that makes modern-day readers fall in love with him. Get started with the 50 ideas in this e-book.

Table of Contents

Romancing the Reader:  Know Your Genre

Lover or Loser:  What Makes a Male Protagonist a Hero

Why Perfect Men Make Boring Heroes

Why Brains are Sexier than Brawn

Romancing "Bad Boy" Heroes

Falling in Love with "Good Boy" Heroes

Alpha Heroes: Why They’re Perennial Favorites

Beta Males: Not Just Sidekicks Anymore

How to Write the Male Perspective

Alphas at War: The Battle Between the Sexes

Sexual Tension through Characterization

Characterization Tips:  Ways to Make Your Hero Memorable

Goal, Motivation & Conflict: Keys to Creating an Appealing Hero

Make Heroes Larger than Life

How to Raise Your Reader’s Temperature

50 Ways to Give Your Hero Sex Appeal

Hero "Sex Appeal" Quotient

Sex Appeal Review:  10 Questions to Ask When Writing Romance Heroes


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