Book Marketing Help for Frenzied Authors

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Losing precious writing-time? Feeling overwhelmed by marketing tasks? You’ve come to the right place.

For more than 20 years, Adrienne deWolfe has worked as a professional marketer. She has capitalized on this knowledge to drive traffic to her blogs, build her social media accounts, and make her novels #1 bestsellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In fact, Adrienne has won 37 prestigious marketing awards, including the Best Promotion in Texas from a professional, statewide public relations association.

You got into this business to WRITE books,

not PROMOTE them.

Now Adrienne is offering help to fellow authors. She understands your dilemma: you want to WRITE NOVELS, not spend all your time on websites, press releases, social media, blog tours, advertising -- the options for marketing books are endless!

If you’d rather write your next book than organize a book tour, Adrienne can help.

If you need someone to create your book trailers, Adrienne's got you covered!

If you're overwhelmed by social media, Adrienne can manage your accounts.

If you're too busy to blog, Adrienne's ready to lend a hand (or help you line up guest bloggers!)

If you're uncertain how to perform a marketing task, Adrienne can coach you.

See sample book trailers below:

Adrienne would love to be a part of

your Dream Team for Success.

To discuss your marketing goals and objectives, contact Adrienne by completing the form below. Serious inquiries only, please.