Best-selling Romance Author Donates Royalties to Urban Reforestation

Contact: Adrienne deWolfe


Best-selling Romance Author Donates Royalties to Urban Reforestation


Austin, Texas. (Sept. 15, 2013) – Although electronic reading devices are on the rise, the traditional printed book isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While ebook sales have steadily increased over the last few years, they only accounted for about a quarter of total U.S. publishing revenue in 2012. That means a lot of trees are still being cut to supply the country with millions of copies of books each year.

Austin author Adrienne deWolfe, who has written six novels for Bantam Books, Avon Books, and ePublishing Works, has pledged to personally plant trees and donate a percentage of the royalties from the sales of her new ebook series, Velvet Lies, to tree-planting efforts.

“As a published novelist and environmentally-concerned person, it’s impossible for me to ignore the effect of the publishing industry on our forests,” said Adrienne deWolfe, whose novels have ranked #1 on Kindle’s and Nook’s Historical Romances lists.

"Several years ago, while I was researching a freelance article about recycling paper waste, I learned that one tree produces approximately 1,000 paperback books. A typical print run for a mid-list romance is between 30,000 and 50,000 books - in other words, 30 to 50 trees. I think this comes as a surprise to many people, who haven't thought about the effects of something potentially benign, like novels, on the environment. Looking at my career in terms of our shrinking global community, I decided I wanted to be proactive. I wanted to do something that would help raise public awareness. I came up with the idea of donating a portion of my royalties to tree-planting efforts through the Nature Conservancy."

DeWolfe, winner of the “Best Historical Romance of the Year Award,” is the author of three #1 bestselling Historical Romances in ebook, including SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE, Book #1 in the Velvet Lies series.

Carrying her passion for environmental awareness a step further, deWolfe has also published four of her wildly successful books only in e-format: How to Write Novels that Sell and her bestselling trilogy, The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published. These ebooks have become popular guides for the amateur writer who wants to become an author.

SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE (Book 1), HIS WICKED DREAM (Book 2) and SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL (Book 3) in the Velvet Lies series are now available wherever ebooks are sold. DeWolfe plans to write at least two more novels for this award-winning series.

In 2012, deWolfe released in ebook format her bestselling Western Historical Romance series, Wild Texas Nights (TEXAS OUTLAW, TEXAS LOVER, and TEXAS WILDCAT.) That trilogy has earned five reader and reviewer awards, including TEXAS WILDCAT'S recognition as the BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE OF THE YEAR by the readers of Calico Trails Magazine (a magazine dedicated to readers and writers of Western Romance). This brings deWolfe's writing recognitions to a grand total of 48.

Adrienne enjoys mentoring aspiring authors by offering professional story critiques, book-coaching services, and online fiction-writing courses. For more writing tips and information, visit her blog and the writing resources pages at