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Book Promotion Strategy for Indie and Midlist Authors

Book Promotion Strategy for Indie and Midlist Authors (Part 4 in the 4-part Series, Book Marketing Strategy) Although book promotion may be an expensive proposition, a well-planned book marketing strategy can benefit fiction writers who are on a shoe-string budget.  This article, Book Promotion Strategy for Indie and Midlist Authors, offers suggestions for focusing your campaign […]


Book Promotion: Good & Bad Gambles for Advertising

Book promotion can be expensive for fiction writers.  You're a one-man / one-woman company, chasing after national -- even international -- sales.  Yet how many Indie Fiction Authors and Midlist Authors of genre fiction have $290,000 to invest in one, full-page advertisement in People Magazine?  (And you thought television advertising was expensive!) When determining how to […]


Crime Fiction: How Mystery Writers Pen a Chilling Read (Pt 1)

Crime fiction is wildly popular.  Writing novels with spine-tingling action requires Mystery writers to study the literary device known as suspense.  Even if you aren't writing novels for the Crime Fiction market, your Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Western, Horror and Science Fiction novels can benefit from tips on how to write suspense.  So in Part I of this 3-Part Series, […]


Book Marketing Strategy: Is Book Promotion Right for Me? (Part 2)

Before planning your book marketing strategy, you must first determine if the time and cost of book promotion will benefit your sales and career goals. In Part I of this 4-part series on Book Marketing Strategy, I discussed, in detail, the importance of determining your goals, knowing your print run, and setting your budget. In today's post, Part 2, I shall […]


Book Marketing Strategy: Is Book Promotion Right for Me? (Part I)

Book marketing strategy abounds.  The bigger question is:  what's the pay-off if I decide to invest the time and money in book promotion? Only after you're armed with the knowledge to make an educated decision about book promotion will you be able to plan how to market a book. Since November is Adopt an Indie Author Month, I’m running a […]


Texas Spirit Seekers: Training Future Ghost Hunters

Texas Spirit Seekers is training the ghost hunters of the future right here in Austin!  (Honestly.  I don’t make this stuff up . . .) As Halloween night creeps ever closer, I started thinking about all the spooky freakishness that happens right outside my front door.  (No, I'm not talking about my cat barfing up hairballs!)  Haunted pizza restaurants, […]


Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Investigators Buy at Wal-Mart?!

Welcome Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators -- especially you armchair ones.  Happy Halloween Weekend!  What a great time to run the second article in my Haunted Pizza Series, Hunting for Hauntings:  Equipment for Paranormal Investigators.  I know, I know.  Ghost adventures?!  Where do I get these blog ideas? Well, the Fantasy writer in me absolutely HAD […]

Relief from Carpal Tunnel Pain: Tools for Writing Novels

Are you looking for relief from carpal tunnel pain while you're writing novels? Maybe you're like me:  you push to meet a deadline -- any deadline -- as a matter of pride.  Forget the burning wrists, you’ve got an editor chomping at the bit! (Aren’t we adorable in our blind dedication to deadlines?) Writing novels isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  I […]